(日本語) Fantasficをリリースしました。

NowFantasfic will OPEN!

Up to 30000EXC is available for registration from the invitation URL.


Notice of Discontinued Operation

The community operation of Discord will be terminated from now. Everyone, Thank you very much for your interest in this project. With the release of Fantasfic, the project cleared one milestone and we finally set it as a real start line as a company. We thanks to everyone who has supported the community and made it excitement. Community operation will be a break, but we will promise to keep working on growing. We appreciate your continued support as always.

Summary of the broadcast just before Fantasfic release

1. Future of discord

management Discord management operation will be terminated simultaneously with Fantasfic Release.

We will make non-compulsory measures such as event management and correspondence to individual inquiries.

Member of the project will continue to participate in the community, but we will not handle service on a business basis.

As for information dissemination in the future, we will do in the following way.


@Fantasfic related Notice

Fantasfic (automatically translated)

LINE (Japanese only)

Twitter (currently only in Japanese)


@ Company information

Website (in Japanese and English)

Twitter (Japanese-English)


2. Way for general users to get EXC

We will prepare some ways that can be easily get EXC even for those who are not registered in exchanges.

First, we will make cash back method of granting EXC when purchasing products such as goods and fan clubs.


3. EXC funds source provided by the operation within the platform, such as cash back and event prize.

The EXC distributed in the platform takes the form of procurement from the market. Please note that we can not respond to “How”, “when”, “Where” etc.


4. About EXC fee

We are going to burn fee in the furture. (We do not think that it will flow to the market again)

Release date of Fantasfic

Sorry to keep you waiting!

Fantasfic will be released on October 30, 2018.

Release information of New Adviser Mr.Katsuya Kawashita

Update Company information page

About Information of Mr. Katsuya Kawashita as an advisor

Former executive officer of Dwango Co., Ltd. for many years.

Even in the curypto currency field, he has a great works in opening the Tokyo Bitcoin Exchange (now DMM Bitcoin) as President of Tecotec Co., Ltd.

Using the deep connection with the entertainment field, we are able to contribute in various ways for the development of the project.

Also, as a former representative of the Mobile Content Forum, there are a lot of connections with overseas, so we planning to give advice on the expansion of Asia, Europe and North America.

Please look forward to future developments.

EXC trading at Bitkop will be started from 16 o’clock 20th Aug.

EXC trading at Bitkop will be started from 16 o’clock today! ! further···

♜Trade event Organized by Bitkop♜

❢❢Trading plundered 400000000EXC❢❢

♛♛♛ Excaliburcoin Trade Race in Bitkop ♛♛♛

Activity time: 16:00 on August 20, 2018, Hong Kong time 16:00 on August 27, 2018

Bitkop Listing & Start 769.2million EXC promotion

!!Bitkop Listing!!

Thank you for waiting very long.
We will inform you of the date of listing to Bitkop.

8.16 THU 16:00 Announcement of Listing and Promotion on Bitkop
8.20 MoN 16:00 Trade starts

Bitkop is an exchange based in Singapore, which Bit-z and 8 Dicimal Capital invest.
To list Bitkop, they need many documents, such as sheets of projects and teams, reports of Smart Contract by third-party etc.
There was a tough examination which is not a trading exchange so far.

This time, Excaliburcoin clears all those reviews.
We have decided to receive full support from Bitkop.

· Trade race with a total prize of 400million EXC
· Press release for more than 10 major Chinese media

Implementation of promotion mainly target the Chinese.

Furthermore, if we clear the conditions of the monthly transaction volume for 3 months after listing to Bitkop
Next will lead to the listing on Bit-z, the world’s top class exchange.

For the Fantasfic Open, our team is working hard to maximize service and promotion.
And we have several news still more in the future!
Everyone, thank you for support to Excaliburcoin and register with Bitkop!

Bitkop :


Bitkop EXC Deposit bonus promotion

16th August 16:00 – 22nd August 16:00

Activity rules:

1. You will get a bonus of 250,000 EXC by deposit 2,500,000 EXC into Bitkop’s account during the event.

2. The total remuneration for this event is 369,200,000 EXC, which can be earned on a first-come-first-served basis!

3. Target EXC amount = Deposit amount – withdrawal amount during activity period

4. Method: All remuneration will be delivered to BitKop account within 7 business days after the end of the event

Important Notices about platform release

Thank you very much for your continued support for the EXCo Project.

There are two news about release of platform.

1. About release date
We think that it is inappropriate to deal with money handling services such as payment and tipping in beta version, we will not implement open beta releases.
Instead, I will publish the official service version one month in advance.
The release date is September 28, 2018.

2. Name of platform
We decided to change to the name that focused on support of fun fiction.
The new name is


Fan, fantastic, fiction (creation) combined. It expresses the enjoyment and wonderfulness of creation.

In logo design, Fan fic is a more intelligible design by expressing as “Fan + fic” (+ is called “tas” in Japanese).

I hope to spread the fantasfic! along with the service so that it will be used as a word of praise for fun fiction!

Of course not focusing only on fun fiction, but by making everyone original, they can be original authors.

From the end of August we will conduct a pre-registration promotion using Twitter and aim to expand cognition.
In addition, as gallery of concept art of Fantasfic, we are planning to open a demonstration site of platform.

You can try Fantasfic world on this demo site.

Thank you for your cooperation in participating in the promotion!

We will hold an official mascot character competition for Kansai Jiban Techno Co., Ltd.

Before platform release, we will hold the first company mascot character competition.

[Period] 7 / 25-8 / 24 23: 00

[Selection method] Examination by the organizer.

[How to apply]

Post to the EXCo Official Twitter ( by image delivery or discard by DM


1st – place 5 million EXC

2nd – place 3 million EXC

3 rd – 1 million EXC

Special prize – 500 thousand EXC

Even after Arthur release, we plan to handle a large number of corporate deals in this way!

Thank you very much for your participation and support.

updated the company information.

We updated the following company information.

  •  Publication of member information
  • Relocation of head office location
  • Publication of advisor information

About advisers

Kitahama Partners is Japan’s leading general law firm. It is a major office that can interview directly with the Financial Services Agency. Since the EXCo project considers legal compliance as a top priority, we have contracted with a trusted law firm.

fromOne has experience in a wide range of fields including finance, legal affairs, labor, marketing business, and block chain business. It is a comprehensive consulting company that has been accredited as a certification support organization such as management innovation. They agree with ​​the EXCo project and backing up the projects.

We firmly solidify the ground with a backing up of powerful adviser, and will continue the project.

Furthermore, although it is still before the information disclosure, we have also decided to subscribe to new members and advisors.

A large project is moving toward Arthur’s release.

Please continue your support.

Listed to Coinexmarket

We recently listed on coinexmarket.

In addition, coinexmarket has been added to the list of business partners on the Excaliburcoin page.

We plan to list on the exchange in the future.

We appreciate your continuous support.