EXCo will implement “CAPPASITY x EXCo MAKE PARTNERSHIP Campaign” as a joint promotion with CAPPASITY Japan Management Team!

CAPPASITY is an overseas company established in 2013 with the aim of developing 3D and AR / VR platform.
We are developing “easy 3D scan” application which makes it easy for anyone to create 3D images.
By using CAPPASITY ‘s “easy 3D scan” and publishing the generated images on Arther, it becomes possible to exhibit 3D works more attractive and more realistically online.
This is a big step for Arther to achieve the all-genre platform!
Toward an official partnership, I will show you the size and possibilities of this community, which excites easy 3D scan with the Eekuku community by all means.

Please pass this campaign to success by all means of everyone!

■ Campaign participation method ■
1. Install easy 3D scan (PC version WIN / MacOS) Register
2. Actually create 3D images and post on the CAPPASITY site
3. Share posted images on Twitter! with # EXC # CAPPASITY

Account registration for use with CAPPASITY is currently an invitation system.
Please register from the link below.





ExcaliburCoin information added

The page of Excaliburcoin was updated.
Coin information and use cases were added.

ExcaliburCoin is burned.

We appreciate your support of EXCo Project and EXC

As we had foretold before, we burned EXC token today from locked up creators’ funds and operations.


Operation 5 billion (1/2 of original)

Development 20 billion (2/3 of original)

Marketing 20 billion (2/3 of original)

Locked-up creators’ funding 890 billion (99% of original)

To reflect the burn to the holder information will take time. The numerical value before the burn is displayed in the holder, and the percentage may be illegally large number. The total supply amount, the numerical value of the after-burn have been properly displayed.


Total Supply of EXC is 65 billion

Currently Circulating is about 48%.

Each year 300 million pieces (about 0.5%) are unlocked from creator support and are scheduled to be added to the market in some form, such as provision to the event and support.

In the future we will expand the means of using EXC as a currency that can actually be used on Arthur and RoundTable. Thank you.

Our exhibition was featured in CoinTokyo(Japanese media.

Our exhibition was featured in CoinTokyo(Japanese media. TOKYO)

EXCo will exhibit at TokenSky TOKYO 2018 On July 4th – 5th, 2018

On July 4th – 5th, 2018
EXCo will exhibit at the block chain conference in Tokyo.

TokenSky TOKYO 2018

The EXCo logo is also displayed in the exhibiting company.
We were able to line up among the wonderful ICO projects!
We will promote EXCo’s business mainly on RoundTable which we released beta.

In order to respond to everyone’s support, the management members work hard together.
As of hot your support in the future, we humbly thank you.

Notice of website renewal

Notice of website renewal

We are pleased to announce that EXCo Inc. has renewed its website since Saturday, July 1, 2018.

In this renewal, more visible, easier to use, with the aim of friendly website, we have reviewed the design and menu structure.

We aim to create a site that many people can use in the future, we will further enhance the contents.
We will continue to provide more useful information.

Free text chat application “RoundTable” browser service beta version has been released

EXCo Inc. released a browser service beta version of free text chat application “RoundTable” ( ), specialized in community formation using block chain technology

Along with the rapid expansion of the block chain market, flooding of uncertain information is being seen in any community. The fact that participants are truly owners of that token is an important factor in managing the community.

“RoundTable” uses distributed application technology of Ethernet. The corresponding standard is an ERC 20/223/721 compliant token. With this technology it becomes possible to authenticate that the user really owns the token. By doing this, it becomes possible to eliminate malicious non-owner, and it becomes possible to operate a community with higher quality.

In addition, we are planning various developments applying this application.


1.Utilize the token as an event ticket by taking advantage of the unalterable property of the block chain. In addition, it is possible to create a community for event participants only.

By using tokens as event tickets, you can check the transfer history (transaction). Transmission of tokens by resale can be confirmed in all transactions. If you invalidate a token with a history of transfer, you can use it as a non-resale ticket. In addition, it is possible to create a community with “RoundTable” on condition that you own a ticket. We can add value, such as making a limited community between fans and artists.


2. Utilization as a private salon

RoundTable technology can also be applied to online private salon. We plan to implement key token on RoundTable. This will allow anyone to easily open a secure private salon.


3. In-house development,  creator support business, use RoundTable as a secure collaborative production environment

Scheduled to be used as an application for communication within collaborative production group.

We aim to reach 10 million users of RoundTable users by March 2019. We will continue to develop and expand further services through block chain technology.

RoundTable Release Date Notice

RoundTable will be released on 30th June.
We will inform you of β release date of DappSNS “RoundTable” developed by EXCo Inc..
RoundTable is a free text chat community using GoogleChrome’s extension Metamask / Dapp browser. For each community, all ERC 20/721 compliant tokens can be set as entry conditions. To judge the condition, we refer to the token in the address used for login. More than one chat room can be generated in the community.
Q. Is it available from a smartphone?
A. Yes. You can use the browser version of RoundTable by installing Dapp browser such as TrustWallet, Cipher etc. The application for iOS/Android will be released in the future.
Q. Do you consume ETH or condition tokens when logging in or entering a conditional community?
A. No. When logging in to RoundTable or entering a conditional community, tokens and Gas are never consumed.
Q. I am concerned about leakage of private key.
A. No worries. RoundTable implements a function that uses Dapp’s function to perform login processing without exchanging private keys. The private key is never sent on the RoundTable.
Q. Can I Tipping?
A.It is not yet implemented in beta releases, but will be implemented in the future. Currently, you can display the ETH address you are logged into with settings. It is possible to send token using wallet.
Q. The token is kept in the hardware wallet. Will login with hardware wallet be possible?
A. It is planned to implement after release of beta. In the future, it is possible to implement all login methods used in MyEtherWallet.
Q. Can I create a community by setting an unowned token as a condition?
A. Only the tokens owned in the address can be set.
Q. Can I add a community manager?
A. It is planned to implement after release of beta.