Important Notices about platform release

Important Notices about platform release

Thank you very much for your continued support for the EXCo Project.

There are two news about release of platform.

1. About release date
We think that it is inappropriate to deal with money handling services such as payment and tipping in beta version, we will not implement open beta releases.
Instead, I will publish the official service version one month in advance.
The release date is September 28, 2018.

2. Name of platform
We decided to change to the name that focused on support of fun fiction.
The new name is


Fan, fantastic, fiction (creation) combined. It expresses the enjoyment and wonderfulness of creation.

In logo design, Fan fic is a more intelligible design by expressing as “Fan + fic” (+ is called “tas” in Japanese).

I hope to spread the fantasfic! along with the service so that it will be used as a word of praise for fun fiction!

Of course not focusing only on fun fiction, but by making everyone original, they can be original authors.

From the end of August we will conduct a pre-registration promotion using Twitter and aim to expand cognition.
In addition, as gallery of concept art of Fantasfic, we are planning to open a demonstration site of platform.

You can try Fantasfic world on this demo site.

Thank you for your cooperation in participating in the promotion!