updated the company information.

updated the company information.

We updated the following company information.

  •  Publication of member information
  • Relocation of head office location
  • Publication of advisor information

About advisers

Kitahama Partners is Japan’s leading general law firm. It is a major office that can interview directly with the Financial Services Agency. Since the EXCo project considers legal compliance as a top priority, we have contracted with a trusted law firm.

fromOne has experience in a wide range of fields including finance, legal affairs, labor, marketing business, and block chain business. It is a comprehensive consulting company that has been accredited as a certification support organization such as management innovation. They agree with ​​the EXCo project and backing up the projects.

We firmly solidify the ground with a backing up of powerful adviser, and will continue the project.

Furthermore, although it is still before the information disclosure, we have also decided to subscribe to new members and advisors.

A large project is moving toward Arthur’s release.

Please continue your support.