ExcaliburCoin is Ethereum token from Japan.

EXCo prepares a place for creators to send works on the stage of a wider world and to gain a reputation with the theme of “connecting with the world”.

Would not it be nice to have a place where all the creators who make products such as clothing, miscellaneous goods, art goods etc. together can collect not only illustrations, novels, music and images that are easy to work online.

We will support creators of all genres through ExcaliburCoin acting on other broadcasters and connecting with other creators.





EXCo INC. Will provide ‘Fantasfic’ (work submission online service) and ‘RoundTable’ (free text chat community with crypto currency remittance function) as a web service that can actually use ExcaliburCoin. On the two services, Excalibur Coin is available as a payment and tipping. In addition, by using the number of token holdings as an indicator of user evaluation, it also serves as a marketing token.


Usecase of ExcaliburCoin

(1)Use of Payment at work submission online service “Fantasfic”

It can be used as a means of settlement such as business request and purchase of digital data, which is done on “Fantasfic”.

(2)Use of Tipping at work submission online service “Fantasfic”

It can be usedt as Tipping on “Fantasfic” with no fee.

(3)Advertisement use at the work submission type online service “Fantasfic”

“Fantasfic” implements the function that the new contribution of the highly evaluated user is displayed at the top of the contents of the top page preferentially. This evaluation is calculated by the formula “number of tokens held × active index”, and it is possible to continue to generate a large marketing effect by continuously holding and using tokens.




2018.03.18 ExcaliburCoin Start. Discord established.
2018.04 Air Drop Distribution
2018.05 Presale (about 14 billion)
2018.06.12 Listed on CoinExchange. Open sale(about 16 billion)
2018.06.30 “RoundTable” beta release (free text chat community)
2018.07.02 Listed on Mercatox
2018.Q3 “Fantasfic” (work submission online service) started
2018.Q4 “RoundTable” official release
2018.Q4 “RoundTable” application version released (Android / iOS )
2019.Q3 “Fantasfic”  2 million registered users
2019 Started original game development
2020 Unique creator event  (in Japan)
2020 10 million registered users








TokenName ExcaliburCoin
Symbol EXC
Based ERC223TOKEN(Ethereum)
Decimal 8
Total suply 65,000,000,000
contract address 0x2c594e1cb006e86c3879b1d8191a8b059af52be7






Used for service development.

»Operation (15%)

Used for site operation and maintenance except development.

»Marketing (8%)

It is used for service / currency public relations.

»Creator support fund (15%)

It is locked up as a creator support, 300 million copies are unlocked each year and released. This token is released as event remuneration etc. It will not be sold on the market by operation.
If it is judged that the market is sufficiently completed and it is no longer necessary to provide support, we plan to stop releasing every year.


Sold on the presale and the first listing.