In the application development business, we are developing a free text chat application “RoundTable” specialized for community formation using block chain technology.

Along with the rapid expansion of the block chain market, information which is not genuinely known is flooded in any crypto currency community.

Whether participants are truly owners of the tokens will be an important factor in managing the community in the future.

“RoundTable” uses distributed application technology of Ethernet for user authentication. (ERC 20/223/721 compatible)

With this technology it becomes possible to authenticate that the user really owns the token.

By doing this, it will be possible to operate a community with higher quality.



1. Non resaleable tickets. And Fan community that is accessible only for special events participant.

If you use a token as an event ticket, you can check the transfer history (transaction), so you can detect it when reselling and sending a token.


2. Private Salon

RoundTable ‘s unfamiliar token technology can be applied to online private salons. We plan to implement key token issuing function in the future on RoundTable, so that anyone can open a secure private salon easily.

3. Integration with creator support project. Secure collaborative production environment
It is integration with the collaborative production group generation function of the creator support platform “Arthur” under development. Utilization as an application for production communication.

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we aim to reach 1 million users of RoundTable users by March 2019. We will continue to develop and expand further services by block chain technology.